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Guiding Light

Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja (1901-1971)

Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja was the Founder of the Hinduja Group and the Hinduja Foundation. He believed from his early childhood that health and education were the fundamental rights of every person.

This belief led him to establish the National Health and Education Society in 1954. Parmanand would visit the Hospital devotedly every day to meet the patients, enquire after their needs and ensure that they were comfortable and received adequate treatment.

He would pay particular attention to the poor and the needy.

His method of screening patients to qualify for free treatment was quite simple.

He would make the patients declare before the deities of his guru and the Almighty that they did not have the means to pay the bills, and provide them with free medical care.

Hinduja Hospital continues to fulfil his dream of providing world class medical care to all sections of society.

Lalita Girdhar Hinduja (1932-1992)

Smt. Lalita Girdhar Hinduja was the wife of Girdhar Hinduja, the eldest son of Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja.

Widowed at an early age, she was encouraged by her father-in-law to step out of the house and offer her services to the Hospital.

Following in his footsteps, Lalita served the Hospital for 30 years. During her time, the Hospital grew from strength to strength.

She would spend her entire day in the Hospital, personally visiting and looking after the patients, inspecting the quality of medical care, administering various aspects of hospital management and constantly devising ways to match the standards of the Hospital with those available in the West.

Her affectionate disposition, attention to detail, humane feelings for the staff and simplicity ensured that Hinduja Hospital operated like a family with a strong sense of belonging, among all medical and non-medical personnel. Even today, the staff remembers her with affection and respect.

She remains the torch bearer of the Hospital.

P. D. Hinduja National Hospital


The situation faced by Bombay (now Mumbai) in the aftermath of India's partition was grim due to the influx of refugees. Sanitation in the crowded camps was poor. Health problems had multiplied.

It was beyond the ability of city's public hospitals to cope with the situation. Provision of essential healthcare facility to the ailing poor thus became the need of the hour. It was at this crucial juncture that a band of Sindhi philanthropists under the leadership of the Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja came forward to extend a helping hand.


Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja pooled resources and set-up an outdoor clinic, the Seth Deepchand Gangaram Hinduja Healthcare Clinic in December 1951 at Dubash House, a rented building on Cadell Road (now Veer Savarkar Marg), to cater primarily to the needs of the refugees. A few motivated doctors from the Sindhi community formed the core of the medical faculty.

It had elementary outpatient facilities and its own dispensary. Just a year later, in February 1953, the 'National Hospital' came into being with 30 beds; the bed strength gradually went upto 70. To make the Hospital's management broad based, it was handed over to the National Health and Education Society after the Society was formed and registered under the Public Trusts Act.


In 1956, the Society purchased a plot of land opposite Dubash House and the National Hospital was shifted in 1963 to a new two storied building constructed on this plot (now called the East Building) with 100 beds; in addition, expanded outpatient facilities were made available.

It was soon realised that the 100-bed hospital would not be adequate for a major modern health care and Medical Research Centre which was the ultimate aim. Keeping this in mind, Dubhash House, along with the land on which it stood was purchased in 1967.

Unfortunately, Parmanand Hinduja passed away in 1971 before concrete steps could be taken to implement his ideas. Thereafter, his sons carried forward the legacy of their father and of translating his dream into a reality.

In 1976, the society renamed the National Hospital as the P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre as a humble tribute to the Founder's pioneering efforts to bring modern healthcare within reach of the common man.

New Hospital

The family soon took steps to create a tertiary care hospital. The main goal was to blend technology with human skills and ingenuity by providing state of the art equipment, assembling a team of talented and committed professionals and creating an atmosphere comparable to what exists in foreign countries to dispense quality healthcare.

The Hinduja brothers entered into a collaborative arrangement with the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, the oldest and largest of the teaching hospitals associated with the Harvard Medical School for assistance in planning, equipping and staffing the new complex.

Detailed plans were formulated to construct a 16 storied building on the newly purchased plot and it was also decided to add two more floors to the East Building. 1986 was a landmark in the history of the Hinduja National Hospital. On August 16th, the dream was realised with the commissioning of the new 300-bed tertiary care hospital complex.

The project funded by the family, had state-of-the-art equipment and was staffed by a team of brilliant doctors, many of them with foreign qualifications and experience.The concept of full-time consultants, which was new to Mumbai, was introduced against odds, while maintaining the pluralistic pattern of hospital-based, visiting and part-time consultants.

The principle that all payments to consultants should be through the hospital was also laid down. In 1991, a new plot of land close to the east building was purchased and two new buildings were constructed to accommodate the nursing school and provide residential quarters for doctors, nurses and nursing students thus making available additional space for medical activities in the east building.

Realising the need for close supervision, in 1985, the Society constituted a management board comprising Srichand P. Hinduja, Gopichand P. Hinduja, Prakash P. Hinduja, Ashok P. Hinduja, late Mrs. Lalita G. Hinduja and late Dr. R.K. Menda to oversee the management of the Hospital.

An organisational set-up with a chief executive officer at the head and functional directors under him was created in 1986, thus introducing the concept of professional management in tune with modern trends.


The history of Hinduja Hospital will not be complete without placing on record the services rendered to it by many individuals. Foremost amongst them was the late Mrs. Lalita G. Hinduja who dedicated the best years of her life, covering three decades, to serve the Hospital in recognition of which she was made resident member of the management board.

Late Dr. R.K. Menda devoted considerable time and attention to guide activities from inception and during execution of the project of commissioning the new complex. Dr. K.M. Bulchandani was the first superintendent and remained in that position till 1962. Dr. B.S. Raheja who was honorary superintendent from 1963 to 1982 followed him. Dr. K.D. Sharma joined as the first medical director in 1984.

On commissioning of the bigger complex in August 1986, Dr. S.N. Sinha was appointed to the newly-created post of chief executive officer (later re-designated as chief executive) and remained in that capacity for two years. Lt. Gen. H.S. Banga (Retd.), who had the distinction of being the first non-medical head, succeeded him.

He continued in this position till October 1998. He was succeeded by Brig. Joe Curian (Retd.). He remained in this capacity for five years. Pramod H. Lele, the present incumbent, took over from him in June 2003.

The Hospital's rapid and amazing growth would not have been possible but for the enduring support, in terms of time, energy and finance, of the family which has not only funded the entire project but also supported the subsequent upgradation costs, besides making up the continuing annual deficits caused by the commitment to philanthropy and research.

Hinduja Group has invested substantially by way of donations since the time of inception of this hospital to provide quality healthcare to the needy and weaker sections of society.


This adventure which commenced over 60 years ago shall move forward with greater determination and momentum, all the while keeping the identified philosophy and goals in view. The quest for excellence will be never-ending for this 'temple of modern health care'.

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