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Satya Hinduja on healing frequencies

Satya, who learnt the art of DJing at New York’s Dubspot, a production and DJ school, says she owes her inspiration in electronic music to sister Ambika’s husband Raman Macker. “Back then, he owned Aurus [a lounge in Juhu] and played tastemaker for the city by inviting electronic artists from all over the world.”

Her artistic collective, Tabula Rasha music, is an effort to bring back a belief in our scriptures called Nada Brahma, which means the whole universe was created from the energy of sound. While attending the INK Talk in 2013 as speaker - she spoke of how sounds and frequencies work on our subconscious to alter our mood - she met Rohan Dixit, the founder of Brainbot, who had journeyed across the Himalayas to measure brainwaves of meditating monks. “We collaborated on an experiment where I composed music for 136.10 Hz, a specific frequency which is scientifically proven to regenerate the heart chakra. It took me six months to find my inner silence to finally write it.”

Music, says Satya, can trick the brain. “Since then, I have also been working on immersive conscious experiences with scientific frequencies, my compositions and shamanic instruments to create sound baths to reignite the energy of the heart centre - a 20 minute meditative experience which I have been experimenting with for over a year. There are many chakra balancing pieces around, but you may not want to listen to it. This is where I weave in the arts element.”

Satya created a similar immersive soundscape for photographer Rohan Shrestha’s first solo show, Hanami, at the Diesel + Art initiative, which was held in the city on February 6.

The musician with a cause has given her work the tagline - Sound Underground. “In New York, you’ll find me in alleyways and at the underground music scenes with music researchers and scientists. That is where great music thrives. People who are hurt from society come here to heal in the power of sound. I have seen real brotherhood here, just like any other spiritual society,” says Satya.

Courtesy: Mid-day, February 2016, Satya Hinduja's image courtesy Mid-day, February 2016; rights to image used remain with respective photographers / owners.

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