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Bikers' Dhaba
For those who love the long road. Explore your love with fellow bikers.
Hikers' Trail
Discover the world, one step at a time. Connect with nature hikers and let the adventure begin!
Click Clique
Speak a thousand words silently, with your photographic creations. Share, rave, learn, with this shutterbug club!
My Groups

Have fun, join My Groups!

We continue to receive your emails asking us how to join MyGroups and take part in the activities. For those who came in late, it's really quite simple!

In cities where we have a critical mass of Group company employees, such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai, enthusiasts have enrolled through 'Feedback'. Then it's simply a matter of getting in touch with other enthusiasts who share your interests and planning your activities. Since this is not an official forum, someone has to take the lead and organise the activities.

Do come forward and lead the way, the more the merrier!

- Editor

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