Hinduja Bank (Switzerland)
Hinduja Bank (Switzerland)

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. was established in 1994 as a Swiss Banking Institution with a business model based on offering individuals and institutions with strong entrepreneurial and growth interests, innovative solutions in wealth management and private banking, trade finance, corporate advisory services and global investment solutions.

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland)

Across Western and Eastern geographies, the Bank is able to offer its high net-worth clients highly personalized services, combining the best of Swiss Banking tradition, with local market access and international expertise for above average returns that maximize financial performance.

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) acquired Paterson Securities, one of India’s 1st brokerage firms (est. in 1892), which offers a privileged access to Indian capital markets.

With its Headquarters in Geneva, Hinduja Bank developed its network in Switzerland with Zurich, Lucerne, Lugano, Basle and St. Margrethen offices and its global reach to include presence in Dubai, London, Paris, New York, Chennai, Mumbai, Mauritius and Cayman Islands, allowing it to serve its clients globally.


Corporate Office

Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

Place de la Fusterie 3 bis
1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41-58-9060808
Fax: +41-58-9060800
Email: info@hindujabank.com
Website: www.hindujabank.com

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