Hinduja Tech
Hinduja Tech

Hinduja Tech is a premier engineering and digital technologies services provider focused on the automotive manufacturing industry using global delivery model. We have inherited decades of automotive product development expertise in our DNA and we offer full vehicle and powertrain development services from concept through SOP.

Hinduja Tech

Hinduja Tech has pioneered the automotive product co-development for emerging economies using its unique paradigm EngiNEAR with a strong focus on "zero based design to cost process". Our engineering teams have fast delivered several award-winning vehicle programs to its OEM clients in the emerging economies at affordable costs. Our 40+ client list from Fortune 100 includes Global OEMs & Tier1, 2 Suppliers in Asia, Europe, UK and USA. We have pressed the barriers of cost, quality and efficiency of a traditional global delivery model to not only reduce the cost of engineering but also cut the cost of product. We have also become an extended partner of choice for smart IP development & innovation, focused on revenue growth in the disruptive new eco-mobility industry.

Leveraging its domain expertise and the understanding of technologies, Hinduja Tech offers digitalization and digital solutions through the automotive product development and manufacturing processes to analyze data for uncovering useful patterns and insights. This leads to better decision making by controlling warranty costs or improving the product reliability. Also, Hinduja Tech helps automotive companies to automate the enterprise and supply chain with its focus on SAP suite of solutions.

Hinduja Tech
Hinduja Tech


Corporate Office

Hinduja Tech Limited

Triton Square 7th Floor,
Unit No.C3 To C7, TVK Industrial Estate,
Guindy, Chennai-600032

Phone: +91 44-3023 1000
Email: info@hindujatech.com
Website: www.hindujatech.com

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